Custom built instruments

Anybody that gets a custom guitar built here, gets their truss rod and action adjusted and harmonics set for free- for life, in most cases while you wait, if your'e close enough to bring it in.

All features and design concepts can be supplied by the customer. References and new instruments are available to check out. Click any thumbnail image, to see a larger picture for details.  Click on full-scale image to return.

Quilted-maple front Back Detail of dovetail joint Machining of dovetail joint Dovetail joint

Archtop Carved top Carved top Carved top Semi-Hollowbody

Only the highest quality materials and most advanced
and accurate construction procedures are used. The bottom line
here is not whether I sit around in an old timey leather apron 
and hand chisel everything, use a modern cnc router or anything 
inbetween.The accuracy and quality of the FINISHED PRODUCT is 
what counts. However that is achieved, is the "right" way. 
Whichever method gives the highest degree of accuracy and highest 
quality level is the "right" way. If you are forced to balance 
that with the need to make the highest profit level possible or 
to get that job done fast, fast, fast, then you have a compromise. 
There aren't any compromises here.
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