Frequently Asked Questions


I don't build copy guitars
I don't do refinishing unless it's associated with repair work
I don't do third party work

Q. someone said you can do a setup while I wait and watch - is this right?
A. Yes - we would need to set up a time that works for both of us. There's no counter you have to wait behind.

Q. Do you guarantee your work?
A. Yes, absolutely. Nothing goes out of this shop that isn't right. Extensive photographic documentation of over 30 years of repair and custom work is available. References are also available. I can supply you with jpg.s documenting your repair or new custom guitar, no charge

Q.What brand name guitars or amps do you sell?
A. None, this is not a retail music store. This shop is dedicated to setup, repair, custom work, new product engineering and building a small number of custom guitars a year.

Q. Can I come in just to see what's going on?
A. Yes, anybody is welcome to come in and I'll be glad to show you around and answer any questions but I can't give extensive instructions on specific topics. It's best to call before comming in.

Q. Are you available weekends or evenings as well as regular business hours?
A. Yes, as long as you call first and let me know when you want to come in. I work by appointment and can't guarantee that I'll be here unless you call first.

Q. Do you take on apprentices?
A. No, not at this time.

Q. Can you supply me with wood, fretwire, binding, plutonium, teflon bullets or other guitar building or repair materials?
A. No, but I'll be glad to pass along sources for wood and supplies. See links or call or e-mail for specifics.

Q. Will you do a complete refinish or can I strip and sand a guitar or a body and have you spray it?
A. Sorry, not any more. Due to a continuing large repair work load I don't do refinishing anymore unless it's associated with repair work done on the instrument.

Q. Can I call or e-mail for advice on a repair that I'm trying to do?
A. Yes, I'll be glad to help if I can.

Q. Do you repair violins, cellos, amps, toasters, automatic transmissions...?
A. No, but I can recommend some good people that do.

Q. Do you take guitars, amps, etc. in on trade for work?
A. Only if it's something of personal intrest to me, which is not very often. I don't take any used equipment in for resale.

Q. Can you tell me if a repair is worth doing to my guitar?
A. Upon inspection I can tell what repairs will be needed, the exact cost and approximate amount of time that the job will take, but you have to decide if the guitar is worth it. If the guitar is of very high quality, has great sentimental value or is "the best guitar I've ever played," it probably is worth doing the work. If you're getting it ready for resale you have to weigh the repair cost against the new resale value. Beware of having any custom work or non-professional repair work done to a collectible, original instrument. Also bear in mind that not every guitar is a rare and valuable collector's item. Most aren't.

Q. Have you done work for any rock stars?
A. Yes, I've done work for some famous people but that's not the way to judge work quality.

Here's exactly what's printed on the back of my repair work orders:

Quality of work is guaranteed with one exception:
Work incorrectly performed somewhere else cannot always be guaranteed.
specific cases must be evaluated

Prices which appear on work orders are final prices, not estimates.
No unspecified work will be performed or charged for.
If other problems are discovered the owner will be contacted before any action is taken.

Quoting "ball park" estimates without actually seeing the instrument is not possible

Due to many conditions beyond control

Work left unclaimed for more than two weeks AFTER NOTIFICATION OF COMPLETION
is subject to a five dollar a day storage charge and if unclaimed after thirty days
will be considered abandoned and may be sold for charges incurred.

Parts or supplies are not sold seperately

Work for third parties WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED
unless the name and phone number of the owner is supplied with the job.

the guitar may have additional problems not immidiately seen or can't be determined unti the instrument
is re assembled and strung up to pitch. If this is the case you will be contacted and the problem explained
before any additional work is done.

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